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Quality Assurance / Quality Control - Bear Management Program


The Bear Management Program is responsible for the conservation and management of the Florida black bear. An important component of our efforts is to prevent and minimize conflicts between bears and people through a variety of strategies. As citizens experience human-bear conflicts, they contact their regional FWC office for advice. Each of these reports is logged into a central database and the information received is analyzed regularly and used to aid the FWC in bear management decisions.

Volunteer Opportunities

FWC volunteers review human-bear conflict reports for the Bear Management Program.

Volunteers are needed to assist with the vital review of human-bear conflict reports. These reports must be verified for accuracy to ensure that management decisions are being made with correct data.

More Information

Volunteer opportunities are available year-round in Tallahassee (Russell Park Office Complex on East Orange Avenue). If you have an eye for detail and want to make a valuable contribution to the management of Florida’s bears, please e-mail the Bear Management Program.