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Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits

Base Pay:

FWC Officers receive a starting salary of $50,000. This also applies to sworn and non-sworn academy recruits..

*The counties in the table below have different base pay.


County Salary
Broward $57,999.76
Collier $52,999.96
Dade $57,999.76
Lee $52,999.96
Monroe $59,999.68
Palm Beach $54,999.88

Salary Incentive:

In addition to base pay, incentive pay is offered for certain academic achievement and/or career development courses. Incentive pay ranges from $20 to a maximum of $130 per month.


Sworn Officers are provided with individually assigned take-home vehicles and specialty equipment (boats, ATV's etc.) as required for their duty assignments. All uniforms and duty equipment is provided. A uniform allowance of $250 is provided twice yearly for uniform maintenance.

Annual Leave:

0-5 years 4 hours accrued biweekly
5-10 years 5 hours accrued biweekly
10 + years 6 hours accrued biweekly

Sick leave:

4 hours accrued biweekly. (104 hours annually, regardless of length of service.)

Paid Holidays:

9 recognized Holidays and one Personal Holiday for a total of 10 paid Holidays per year.


Once hired, employees benefit from 97% state funded retirement. Employees contribute 3% pretax. Retirement benefits for Special Risk Class Service enrollees are available at age 60 and vested, or 30 years of Special Risk Class Service and at any age. Benefit factor (3%) formula: .03 x high five salary years x years of service.

Group Health:

Health insurance costs for employees are: individual-$50/month; and family $180/month, with the state paying $499.80/month and $1063.34/month, respectively. Choices may be made between the PPO, and a HMO when available. Supplemental cancer, dental, disability, hospitalization and vision coverage is available. Employee pays total premium.

Life Insurance:

The state provides free basic life insurance with a benefit coverage of $25,000;. Additional term life insurance is available from the state with benefit coverage in increments of 1 - 7 x employee's annual salary. Employee pays total premium.

Deferred Compensation:

You may defer a portion of your salary into a deferred compensation plan. The deferment is made prior to income taxes being deducted, which allows the participant to reduce his taxable income while adding to his retirement preparedness. No state contribution.

Tuition-free College Classes:

Employees may apply for up to 6 credit hours per term/semester (18 credit hours per plan year) of undergraduate or graduate level courses on a space-available basis at any STATE (FL) university or Florida College System institution.

GI Bill

Qualified veterans will be able to use their GI Bill entitlements while attending a state approved law enforcement training academy and for their first year of probation which is considered "on the job training (OJT)". The average GI Bill recipient could receive around $15,971 by the time they get off probation. Click here for more information.