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Academy Life

Are there laundry facilities located at the academy dormitory?

Yes.  You must provide your own detergent.

Are toiletries provided for recruits staying in the dormitory?

No.  You must bring your own toiletries.

Are linens provided in the dormitory?

Yes, linens are provided for you.

What type of clothing will I need?

The initial recruit uniforms and physical training attire is purchased by the recruit at the academy.  At the beginning of agency specific training standard issue uniforms will be provided.  You should bring clothing appropriate to the weather conditions for after hours and weekend activities.  (Note: The average low temperature is 42 degrees in the winter months and the average high temperature is 92 degrees in the summer months)

What about food while at the academy?

You will be supplied three meals daily during the work week; however, you must provide your own meals on the weekends.  Small refrigerators are provided in each dormitory room for storage of small food items.

During the academy can I go home on weekends?

Yes, as long as there is no training event scheduled.

What time do academy classes usually start and end each day?

Typically, classes start at 0800 Hours and end at 1700 Hours. However, depending upon what topics are being covered, there may be some nighttime or weekend involved activities.  Recruits will know well in advance so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Is there physical fitness training involved?

Yes.  FWC recruits participate in physical fitness training drills an average of 4-5 days per week.

What equipment do I need for the physical training portion?

A good pair of running shoes and socks for all and for females a quality sports bra and compression type undershorts are recommended.

Do I have to buy my own gun?

No.  Firearms are provided during the basic recruit academy.  After passing the state law enforcement examination and beginning FWC agency specific (Breakout) training, a Glock 9mm. weapon is issued.  Depending upon assignment and specific need, other weapons will be supplied as needed.

Can I receive or make telephone calls while at the academy or in class?

Calls that would interrupt class are not permitted.  Telephones are available in dormitory rooms for making local calls and outside calls can be received as well.

What about receipt of mail while I'm in the academy?

You will be given an address to receive mail once you arrive at the FWC Training Center.

Can I have a pet at the academy?


What is the personal firearm policy on academy property?

Personal firearms will not be allowed on academy grounds.

What about parking?

Parking spaces are provided in the dormitory parking lot.

What if I get sick or injured while in the academy?

If you are injured during FWC or academy activities, your medical needs will be provided for as a State Employee.  If you become ill or are injured "off duty" not related to FWC or academy activities, you are responsible for your care and treatment.  However, Academy Staff should still be notified and may be able to assist you.

Do I need cash while there?

Yes, to the extent that you will need to provide for basic personal needs and after hour activities, i.e., travel, entertainment, toiletries, etc.

Can I have visitors at the academy dormitory?

Visitors can meet recruits in the dormitory lobby, but are not permitted to go to individual rooms.  Visits must not interrupt academy operations.