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Weakfish zone boundary map


Weakfish Management Zone

Minimum Size Limit: 12" total length

Daily Bag Limit: 1 fish per person

State Waters Outside Weakfish Management Zone

Minimum Size Limit: None

Daily Bag Limit: 100 pounds per person

Sand Seatrout

Regulations include weakfish-like fish such as sand seatrout and hybrids of the two.

Gear Requirements:

  • Allowable Gear: Hook and line; cast net



Weakfish Management Zone

Weakfish zone boundary map

The Weakfish Management Zone includes state waters from the Florida-Georgia line to the southernmost tip of Amelia Island, the inland waters of Nassau County and the St. Marys River and its tributaries east of Highway 17, north of State Highway 200A and north of the Shave Bridge on the Amelia River.

Maps are not to scale. State waters extend from shore to 9 nautical miles in the Gulf and from shore to 3 nautical miles in the Atlantic.

Management History:

July 27, 2010: Weakfish regulations took effect creating a Weakfish Management Zone in part of Nassau County to address difficulty distinguishing between weakfish, sand seatrout and weakfish-sand seatrout hybrids. Additionally, the FWC decreased the recreational bag limit for weakfish in response to a recent stock assessment by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission that indiciates that the weakfish population along the entire Atlantic coast is severely depleted. 

This area is where the majority of genetically-pure weakfish occur in Florida.