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Lionfish Challenge 2024

Lionfish Challenge


  • To encourage and reward recreational and commercial divers to remove lionfish from Florida waters.


  • May 24, 2022 to September 2, 2024


  • Statewide program
  • Recreational and commercial participant categories
  • Checkpoints located statewide for harvest submission
  • Tiered prize system to encourage continued harvest

How to Register

  • All participants required to register at
  • Participants may only qualify for one category (recreational or commercial).
    • Participants with an active Saltwater Products License and commercial lionfish sales within the last year must register for the commercial category.

How to Submit Your Catch

Instructions for Commercial Divers:

  • After harvesting your lionfish, sell them to a licensed wholesale dealer and get a copy of your trip ticket verifying the commercial sale.
  • After obtaining your trip ticket, complete a Commercial Trip Ticket Submission here
    • Trip ticket submission is completed through an online form on our Reef Rangers website (similar to the form you filled out when registering for the Challenge)

Instructions for Recreational Divers:

  • After harvesting your lionfish, remove tails leaving a bit of meat attached and place in a plastic sandwich bag(s)
  • Label bag(s) with harvester name, phone number, date of harvest and number of tails
  • Bring tails and a tail verification form to a local Checkpoint for verification of harvest
    • The Checkpoint will count your tails, sign your verification form, and return the form to you.
    • Checkpoints will keep the tails for our records.
    • Checkpoint locations and verification forms can be found on our website:
  • After verifying your tails at a Checkpoint, you may complete a Recreational Tail Submission here.
    • Tail submission is completed through an online form on our website (similar to the form you filled out when registering for the Challenge).


Prizes will be awarded in a tiered fashion- the more lionfish you submit, the more prizes you receive! The requirements for each tier are as follows (Note- more information on prizes will be announced later).

  • Tier 1- Harvest 25 lionfish (recreational category) or 50 lbs. of lionfish (commercial category)
  • Tier 2- Harvest 75 lionfish (recreational category) or 100 lbs. of lionfish (commercial category)
  • Tier 3- Harvest 150 lionfish (recreational category) or 200 lbs. of lionfish (commercial category)
  • Tier 4- Harvest 300 lionfish (recreational category) or 400 lbs. of lionfish (commercial category)
  • Tier 5- Harvest 600 lionfish (recreational category) or 800 lbs. of lionfish (commercial category)

Resource-based Incentives:

Those who reach Tier 1 will be awarded a commemorative 2024 Lionfish Challenge Coin. This coin allows the harvester to retain 2 extra spiny lobsters each day during the 2024 Sport Season (July 14*, 25 and 24, 2024).

  • Harvester must have 2024 commemorative coin in possession to harvest and possess extra spiny lobster.
  • Only 1 coin may be used per harvester.
  • Coins from previous years are not eligible for the 2024 Sport Season.
  • See Executive Orders 24-08 and 24-08 Amendment 1 for more information.

Raffle Prizes:

Harvesters who reach Tier 1 before the raffle drawing date are automatically entered into the raffles.

  • Harvesters can only win one raffle prize during the 2024 Lionfish Challenge.
  • Raffle prizes will be announced as items are donated
  • Raffle drawing dates:
    • June 28th
    • July 26th
    • August 23rd
    • September 3rd

*The July 14, 2024, Sport Season date is for Florida resident recreational saltwater license holders and recreational license-exempt Florida residents only. See Executive Order 24-13 for more information.

Registration Form

All participants must register for the 2024 Lionfish Challenge prior to submitting lionfish to the program. The 2024 registration form is now available at

Remember to keep your registration number to keep track of submissions.

And please remember to Stash the Trash!