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Full Rule Text by Species

Complete rules for the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission may be found on the Web site for the Chapter 68B of the Florida Administrative Code. The following is a list of regulated saltwater species and their corresponding rule chapter number to assist you with locating the rule you seek.

Alphabetical Listing

Amberjack (Reef Fish 68B-14)

Baitfish Trawl Fisheries (68B-50)

Ballyhoo (68B-56)

Barracuda (68B-60)

Billfish (68B-33)

Black Drum (68B-36)

Blackfin Tuna (68B-62)

Blue Crabs (68B-45)

Blue Fish (68B-43)

Blue Land Crabs (68B-54)

Biscayne National Park (68B-7)

Bonefish (68B-34)

Clams, Hard (68B-17)

Cobia (68B-19)

Conch, Queen (68B-16)

Dolphin (68B-41)

Eels (Marine Life 68B-42)

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (68B-6)

Flounder (68B-48)

Gear Specifications & Prohibited Gear (68B-4)

Grouper (Reef Fish 68B-14)

Grouper, Goliath (Reef Fish 68B-14)

Hogfish (Reef Fish 68B-14)

Horseshoe Crabs (68B-46)

Jellyfish (68B-51)

King Mackerel, Resource Renewal (68B-12)

King Mackerel, Atlantic (68B-30)

Lionfish (68B-5.006)

Live Rock (Marine Life 68B-42)

Lobster, Spiny (68B-24)

Lobster, Biscayne Bay (68B-11)

Local Laws,Special Acts of Local Application(68B-3)

Marine Life (68B-42)

Miscellaneous (68B-5)

Mullet (68B-39)

Ornamentals (Marine Life 68B-42)

Oysters (68B-27)

Permit (68B-35)

Pompano, African (68B-35)

Pompano, Florida (68B-35)

Red Drum (68B-22)

Red Porgy (Reef Fish 68B-14)

Reef fish (68B-14)

Sardines (68B-29)

Scallops, Bay (68B-18)

Scallops, Calico (68B-53)

Sea Bass (Reef Fish 68B-14)

Seatrout, Spotted (68B-37)

Shad and River Herring (68B-52)

Sharks and Rays (68B-44)

Sheepshead (68B-59)

Shells, Southwest Florida (68B-26)

Shrimp (68B-31)

Shrimping and Trapping (68B-38)

Snapper (Reef Fish 68B-14)

Snook (68B-21)

Spanish Mackerel (68B-23)

Spearing (68B-20)

Sponges (68B-28)

Stone Crabs (68B-13)

Sturgeon (68B-15)

Swordfish (68B-58)

Tampa Bay (68B-25)

Tarpon (68B-32)

Tilefish (68B-14)

Trap Retrieval and Trap Debris Removal (68B-55)

Triggerfish, Gray (Reef Fish 68B-14)

Triggerfish, all others (Marine Life 68B-42)

Tripletail (68B-49)

Tropicals (Marine Life 68B-42)

Unregulated species [Florida Statute Ch. 379.361 (2)(i)(1)]

Wahoo (68B-57)

Weakfish (68B-47)

For more information, call the Division of Marine Fisheries Management at 850-487-0554.