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Feeding sharks and other fish

Regulations for Feeding Fish, Shark, or other Marine Species

Feeding fish, sharks or other marine species while diving or snorkeling is prohibited. It is also prohibited to operate a boat that is hired to carry passengers to any area within state waters to feed marine species or view marine species feeding. These regulations were developed because of concerns about the

  • safety of divers, surfers, and swimmers
  • feeding of marine species in multiple-use areas, and
  • effects of concentrating and training sharks to associate humans with food

"Chumming" is not permitted when fishing for any species from the beach or when wade fishing in waters adjacent to a beach. It is permitted elsewhere including from piers or from a vessel. 

Chum is defined as fish, fish parts, other animal products, or synthetic products created or intended to chemically or otherwise resemble animal products placed in the water for the purpose of attracting a marine organism.