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Extended trips

Anglers fishing off an offshore recreational boat


In general, the daily bag limits set by Commission rule for saltwater fishing are for a calendar day (24-hour period from midnight to midnight). These limits are also possession limits. Therefore, it is illegal to possess more than one day's bag limit "while in, on or above the waters of the State or on any dock, pier, bridge, beach or other fishing site adjacent to such waters" with regard to most species.

Once you have caught and possess the bag limit for a species, you may not harvest any more of that species until the next 24-hour period. Thus it is illegal to take the catch to shore and then return to the sea to harvest another daily bag limit during the same calendar day.


There is an exception that allows individuals to possess double the daily bag limit certain fish only when fishing from a headboat or charter boat on a trip that spans more than 24 hours and:

  • The vessel has a sleeping berth for each passenger aboard the vessel;
  • Each passenger possesses a receipt issued on behalf of the vessel that verifies the length of the trip.

Applies to reef fish (Chapter 68B-14)


  • Speckled hind and warsaw grouper: bag limit of one of each per vessel, regardless of duration of trip
  • Red porgy: bag limit of 3 per person in Atlantic state waters, regardless of duration of trip