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Angler Recognition


collage of anglers holding their freshwater catches

TrophyCatch is the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) freshwater, citizen-science, angler recognition program. TrophyCatch began in 2012 as a direct response to FWC’s Black Bass Management Plan, which placed an emphasis on establishing trophy bass fishing opportunities throughout the state. TrophyCatch was established to collect data on trophy bass 8 pounds or larger while promoting bass conservation by rewarding catch-and-release fishing.

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Big Catch

Big Catch

To help commemorate your outstanding catches, Big Catch is Florida's family-friendly, freshwater angler recognition program with 33 different fish to choose from. Simply catch a fish that exceeds the qualifying length OR weight, take a photo and submit. Special youth sizes invite their participation. Qualifiers receive a digital full-color certificate illustrating the species of fish you caught, personalized with your name and details about your catch. Advanced anglers can continue the challenge by seeking Specialist, Master and Elite Angler recognition.

A Big Catch Poster showing fish species and Big Catch minimum sizes is available.

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Catch a Florida Memory

collage of anglers holding their saltwater catches
Catch a Florida Memory Logo

Catch a Florida Memory is FWC’s saltwater angler recognition program that rewards anglers for their fishing efforts while encouraging them to target a diversity of species and challenge anglers across experience levels. Catch a Florida Memory is composed of three programs: Life List, Grand Slams, and Reel Big Fish.

The Life List challenges anglers to catch 70 different species of fish and is meant to be completed over a lifetime. The Grand Slam program rewards anglers for catching three specified fish in a 24-hour period from nine different categories. The Reel Big Fish program rewards anglers for catching fish that meet or exceed a minimum length for 30 different saltwater species for adult and youth categories.

Each program category has recognition tiers. Participants who have received recognition in each of the three programs are awarded the coveted Triple Threat Club status. Participants receive rewards and recognition for each recognition they achieve.

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State Records

Freshwater State Record

Anglers can check the current state records at by clicking on the “State Record” tab. If an angler believes they have caught a state record fish, they should weigh the fish on a scale, take clear photos of the fish with the scale weight legible, and be prepared to text or email the photos for initial verification. Keep native species in a well-aerated livewell. This is encouraged to promote conservation of these large, rare individuals. If the fish is no longer alive, the angler can keep the fish in a cooler on ice and remove the drain plug. These methods will ensure the fish maintains a weight similar to the time of the catch.

Next, the angler should notify the nearest FWC regional office. To properly certify a new Florida state record, an FWC biologist must identify the fish species, and an FWC employee — usually but not necessarily the same individual — must witness its weighing on a certified scale. Contact information for FWC regional offices can be found at by clicking on “Contact Regional offices.”

Certified state record fish must be legally caught using an active hook-and-line method (including a proper license or exemption) by sport fishing methods. To set a new record, you need to exceed the certified record. Visit for more information on how to certify a new state record.

Saltwater State Records

Saltwater fishing records are maintained for marine fishes caught in Florida waters, or in federal waters extending directly outward of Florida state line boundaries, for 81 species in All-Tackle and Fly-Fishing categories and 12 species in Youth All-Tackle category for weight and for four species in Youth and Adult Length categories.

The angler’s signature on a completed application form must be witnessed by a notary. Species that pose a problem of identity require determination by a qualified fisheries biologist. Print or digital photographs or videos must be submitted clearly showing the weight on the scale or length on a measuring device, the gear used to make the catch, and the angler with their catch and a full-length side-view of the fish for identification purposes. Catches must follow program rules and fishing regulations. Best handling practices are strongly encouraged, especially for the Length categories. FWC reserves the right to deny any application for any reason, including improper handling. Visit or for more best handling guidelines.

Record recipients receive a certificate, decal and custom fish metal décor courtesy of our Premier Partner, The Metal Edge.

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