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Adult and Women's Saltwater Fishing Clinics

Saltwater Fishing Clinics

Adult and Women's Saltwater Fishing Clinics are not being offered at this time. However, we are currently recruiting partners who can help provide this programming throughout Florida. Contact if you are interested in partnering and hosting a clinic.

Interested groups may view The Complete Angler: Adult Saltwater Fishing Activity Manual for information on how to structure these one-day, shore-based events designed to introduce adults to saltwater fishing and educate participants on how to be responsible, ethical stewards of Florida's marine resources. A variety of subjects are covered in the manual, including inshore fishing, cast netting, knot tying, fisheries conservation and more.

Photo of woman holding fish at a Women's Fishing Clinic

Outdoor Weekend Learning Seminars

The FWC now offers Outdoor Weekend Learning Seminars (O.W.L.S.) designed to provide women, youth and families with hands-on opportunities to learn how to safely and responsibly enjoy fishing, paddling, camping, shooting sports, and other outdoor activities. These seminars are for people who want to learn new outdoor skills or build on their existing ones. They are also a great opportunity to meet others who enjoy the outdoors!

Contact for more information.