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Florida Friendly Angler and Florida Friendly Fishing Guide

The Florida Friendly Angler and Florida Friendly Fishing Guide Certification Program are online educational programs that teach conservation practices for Florida’s marine fisheries. These two programs were developed in partnership with Florida Sea Grant and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

Florida Friendly Angler

The Florida Friendly Angler is a free, narrated, do-at-your-own-pace program designed for any angler who wants to learn more about sustainable fishing and boating practices, best fishing practices, and marine fisheries management. With millions of anglers visiting the Fishing Capital of the World every year, this course helps ensure quality fishing experiences of Florida are here to stay. Take the course and become a Florida Friendly Angler today!

The Florida Friendly Fishing Guide Certification Program is designed for for-hire fishing guides who are committed to preserving the future of Florida’s fisheries through sustainable boating and fishing techniques. The certification is valid for three years and the $130 fee covers gear for the welcome packages for certified guides, program upkeep and evaluation, and more. Become certified and proudly display your certification on your website and vessel, showing customers that you adhere to the highest environmental standards! Upon completion of the certification, you will be added to the Florida Friendly Fishing Guide directory where anglers can book their next charter with an eco-minded guide.

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Florida Friendly Fishing Guide