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Florida Fish Art Contest

The Fish Art Contest, inspired by a 5th grader's homework assignment, has grown into an international competition introducing youth to the wonders of fishing and the outdoors. Wildlife Forever organizes the competition each year and coordinates their efforts with host states around the country. The deadline to enter is February 28, 2023, so start designing today!

How Can I Participate?

The Fish Art Contest is open to all youth in grades K-12 (ages 5-18). To participate each youth will need to submit a completed entry form, and a one-page creative writing submission (required for grades 4-12), and an original piece of artwork featuring any fish including one or more of the following Florida native species from the same category:

  • Category 1 – Freshwater: Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Black Crappie, Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Spotted Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Florida Gar, Chain Pickerel, Bowfin
  • Category 2 – Saltwater: Snook, Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, Flounder, Tarpon, Mahi-Mahi, Spanish Mackerel, Hogfish, Queen Snapper, Black Grouper


One first place winner and one runner up will be selected for each grade bracket (kindergarten through third grade, fourth through sixth grade, seventh through ninth grade, and tenth through twelfth grade), one for illustrating the best freshwater fish species and one for the best saltwater fish species. All first-place winners will advance to the National Competition to be judged for top prizes, such as the Best of Show. In addition to moving onto the national competition, FWC has coordinated the following prizes below:

  • First place winners in the 10-12 grade bracket will receive 10 t-shirts printed with their artwork to give to family and friends from our partner The Florida Nomad and the shirts will also be available for sale on their website.
  • The two first place winners from each grade bracket, one from each category, will have their artwork displayed in FWC’s freshwater or saltwater regulations guide.
  • The two first place winners from each grade bracket, one from each category, will have their artwork displayed at the FWC headquarters in Tallahassee.

Grades 10-12

Juliana Sessum - 1st

artwork of long fish with blue stripes swimming towards the viewer

Tida Bagby - 2nd

artwork of parrot fish swimming among corals

Sara Grant - 3rd

artwork of lionfish among coral

Grades 7-9

Lauren Hayes - 1st

artwork of flying fish over blue background

Lol Hathorne - 2nd

artwork of a sturgeon swimming among rocks and sandy bottom

Isabella Blanco - 3rd

artwork of blue, green, and yellow dolphin fish viewed from the side

Grades 4-6

Hailey Chen - 1st

artwork of largemouth bass with sun streaming through the water

Alyssa Rose Bradley - 2nd

artwork of  dolphin fish sitting in a giant flower

Channing Li - 3rd

artwork of colorful trout among vegetation

Grades K-3

Trent Cardinal - 1st

artwork of snook swimming towards you

Piper Harcup - 2nd

artwork of a fish swimming by a fishing line

Yanrong Zhuang - 3rd

artwork of abstract fish among shapes

Grades 10-12

Makenzie Warren - 1st

artwork of red drum jumping out of the water to eat a lure

Nicole Newmeyer - 2nd

artwork of swordfish jumping out of the water

Isabelle Torres - 3rd

artwork of trout

Grades 7-9

Roshni Patel - 1st

artwork of red tropical fish with blue highlights

Ishitha Panguluri - 2nd

artwork of a bass

Gabriel Regalado - 3rd

artwork of a bass

Grades 4-6

Caitlyn King - 1st

artwork of spotted salmon swimming over a rocky bottom

Amelie Barnett - 2nd

artwork of a dolphin fish

Alayna Godwin - 3rd

artwork of a swordfish jumping out of the water

Grades K-3

Kelsey Lee - 1st

artwork of colorful parrotfish

Divya Patel - 2nd

artwork of a dolphin fish jumping out of the water

Zhuang Yanrong - 3rd

artwork of parrot fish collage