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Children in the Wild

This program may be scheduled for young children (generally 4-7 year olds) and requires at least two weeks of advance notification due to limited center staff and volunteer availability. The length of this program is one hour, and the topic will relate to wildlife/habitat. Center staff will chose the topic unless a specific program is requested. Available topics include: Birds, Water, Habitats, Prescribed Fire, Hunting, Playing Lightly on the Earth, Turtles and Tortoises, Black Bears.


This program is designed to introduce young children to the natural world in a safe and nurturing way using games, reading and crafts. A limited number of programs may include opportunities to meet live animals.

Pre-visit recommendations:

  1. Review terms:
    • Discuss with children their feelings about “the woods” and outdoors
    • Have children share stories of experiences they have had in the outdoors and with wildlife

Activities: (will vary slightly by program)

  • Reading of book related to program topic
  • Game or active activity (outside if weather permits)
  • Art/craft project
  • Review of what was learned

Post Visit:

  • Have children draw picture of what they liked most at the Conservation Center
  • Try another art project that relates to the topic of the program (center coordinator can assist with ideas)
  • Read more stories about wildlife and the outdoors