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This program may be scheduled for any age group and requires at least two weeks of advance notification due to limited center staff and volunteer availability. Participants in this program must be able to tolerate walking on loose sand soil for a distance of no less than one mile in the climate typical of the time of year in which the program is booked. Water, bug spray and sunblock are recommended. The length of this program is three hours. This program is offered March through November only.


Florida’s mild climate makes this state a wonderful location to explore the diverse world of butterflies. People of all ages can appreciate the nearly 100 species found at the Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area. These butterflies are easily seen by gazing through our back window into our bird and butterfly garden. This program will introduce students to the families of butterflies found in our area and teaches them simple steps for making a correct ID.

Pre-visit recommendations:

  1. Review terms:
    • Butterfly body parts
  2. Review migration maps and flyways for the monarch butterfly


  • Introduction to butterfly identification, what to look for, how to use a field guide
  • Introduction to binoculars, including parts and correct use
  • Butterfly Bingo Card distribution
  • Binocular test
  • Field exercise to identify butterflies around the Chinsegut property
  • A look at butterfly host plants
  • Butterfly game – specific game will be selected based on student group age
  • Review and evaluation

Post Visit:

  • Visit Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail sites
  • Purchase or build a butterfly box or a few and watch for inhabitants
  • Place butterfly feeders in the school yard
  • Discuss the decline in numbers of monarch butterflies