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This program may be scheduled for any age group and requires at least two weeks of advance notification due to limited staff and volunteer availability. Participants in this program must be able to tolerate walking on loose sand soil for a distance of no less than one mile in the climate typical of the time of year the program is booked. Water, bug spray and sunblock are recommended. The length of this program is three hours.


Birding is a pastime that is growing in popularity for all ages. Chinsegut has a myriad of interesting bird species that can be easily viewed in our bird and butterfly garden behind the center.

Pre-visit recommendations:

  1. Review terms:
    • Bird body parts
  2. Review migration maps and flyways
  3. Review the history of extinct bird species and how unregulated hunting and feather harvesting for hat adornment decimated bird populations in the 1800s


  • Introduction to the basics of birding, what to look for, how to use a field guide
  • Introduction to binoculars, including parts and correct use
  • Introduction to bird adaptation: bird beaks game or paper plane, educator's choice
  • Binocular test
  • Birding at a bird feeder for more ID practice
  • Field exercise to identify birds around the Chinsegut property
  • Review and evaluation

Post Visit:

  • Encourage students to become involved in the “Wings over Florida” junior birding program
  • Visit Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail sites
  • Purchase or build a bird nest box or a few and watch for inhabitants
  • Study bird beaks and feet to compare how birds find and consume different foods
  • Place bird feeders in the school yard
  • Discuss extinction of iconic passenger pigeon ( and how several of Florida’s bird species are currently facing extinction, such as the grasshopper sparrow, scrub jay, whooping crane, white crowned pigeon and several seaside sparrows.