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Archery for Beginners

Organized groups may request this program for 10-20 participants ages 8+. Equipment for this program is provided by the center and is limited. Large groups will be divided and rotate through shooting exercises. 


Archery is a fun and safe shooting sport that is regaining popularity across the globe. In this program, students will develop the knowledge and skill needed to pursue this sport as a leisure activity while practicing safe handling of bows and arrows. This program is taught by certified instructors.

Pre-visit recommendations:

  1. Review terms:
    • Archery: using a bow to propel arrows
    • Fletching: the feather or plastic lobes on the back of an arrow
    • Nock: a metal or plastic piece of an arrow that holds on to the bow string
    • Index fletching: the fletch of a color unlike the others which indicates proper arrow position.
  2. Study the history of archery


  • Discuss range safety and rules
  • Identify parts of bows and arrows
  • Bow firing practice
  • Discuss how to score shots
  • Discuss proper arrow removal from target and handling

Optional Activities based on class size, class length, and experience level of participants:

  • Determine eye dominance
  • Work with string-bows to achieve proper draw position
  • Cover Nation Training System 11 steps to shooting archery

Post Visit recommendations:

  • Complete age-appropriate hunting/conservation activity which can be provided by the center. (ages 8-12: “The Hunter”;  ages 13-18: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”)
  • Study different types of bows and arrows and other hunting devices
  • Demonstrate knapping of arrowheads or other primitive tools