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Archery for Beginners

This program may be scheduled no less than two weeks in advance for ages 8+. Equipment for this program is provided by the center and is limited so that large groups will be divided and rotate through shooting exercises.


Archery is a fun and safe shooting sport that is regaining popularity across the globe. The leading organization nationwide for introducing youth to archery is the National Archery in Schools Program, which is active in all 50 states and hosts national and international tournaments. Students in this program will develop the knowledge and skill needed to pursue this sport as a leisure activity while practicing safe handling of bows and arrows.

Pre-visit recommendations:

  1. Review terms:
    • Archery: using a bow to propel arrows
    • Fletching: the feather or plastic lobes on the back of an arrow
    • Nock: a metal or plastic piece of an arrow that holds on to the bow string
    • Index fletching: the fletch of a color unlike the others which indicates proper arrow position.
  2. Study the history of archery


  • Determine eye dominance
  • Work with string-bows to achieve proper draw position
  • Discuss range safety and rules
  • Discuss proper arrow removal from target and handling
  • Cover NASP 11 steps to archery success
  • Identify parts of bows and arrows
  • Bow firing practice and scoring shots

Post Visit:

  • Study different types of bows and arrows and other hunting devices
  • Demonstrate knapping of arrowheads or other primitive tools
  • Complete age appropriate hunting/conservation activity which can be provided by the center. (ages 8-12: “The Hunter”;  ages 13-18: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”)