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Project WILD

Project Wild Florida

What is Project WILD?

Project WILD is an interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education program emphasizing wildlife. The program is designed for educators of kindergarten through 12th grade students. Project WILD capitalizes on the natural interest that children and adults have in wildlife by providing hands-on activities that enhance student learning in all subject and skill areas.

Adults and youth taking part in an activity designed to teacher youth about animal tracks

Project WILD activities are designed for integration into existing courses of study, instructors may use one or many activities or the entire set of activities may serve quite effectively as the basis for a course of study. Each activity has been classroom tested and includes objectives, methods, background information, materials needed, procedures, evaluation suggestions, recommended grade levels, subjects, skills, duration, group size, setting and key vocabulary. A glossary is provided, as well as cross-references by topics, school subjects, grade level and skills.

How To Get Project WILD Materials

Project WILD educational materials are available to educators who attend instructional 3-6 hour workshops offered by certified leaders and supported by a network of volunteers.

Project WILD workshops are useful to the classroom teacher as well non-formal educators including: scout and club leaders, nature center, museum, zoo and aquarium staff, park rangers, and home school parents.

FREE one-day workshops materials are offered for Project WILD, Aquatic WILD and Flying WILD. Growing Up WILD Guides can be purchased for a group at a discount through our office. Support materials are provided free of charge.

Please see our schedule for dates of upcoming workshops and facilitator leadership trainings!

If your school or organization would like to get WILD please contact the

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