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Angler and Aquatic Education

Pass on the Fishing Tradition and Offer the Next Generation an Opportunity to Enjoy Healthy Sportfish Populations

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission promotes angler and aquatic education by offering three volunteer instructor training programs that allow you to be a part of handing down the fishing tradition to the next generation.

Instructor training programs are available to staff and volunteers working at community centers, museums, zoos, clubs, parks, nature centers, non-profits, and other public and private organizations around the state. All training programs come with instructor's manuals, Kids Fishing Activity Workbooks, and other support materials to keep you updated on the most current techniques and practices. Most of these instructor trainings are free of charge and can be set up at your location at a time that is convenient for your group of staff and volunteers.

A two-hour training, provided by FWC staff, that offers leaders all the tools needed to teach basic fishing skills to youth. The goal of this training is to make participants aware of the need for clean water, good habitat, the major types of freshwater and saltwater fishes in Florida, where they live, how to fish, safety, angler ethics, conservation messages and more!

Hooked on Fishing - Not on Drugs® (HOFNOD) is a national angling education curriculum for youth and families. This long-term and mentor-based program teaches children, and accompanying adults, about angling skills, conservation, stewardship, aquatic ecology, and other related topics. Additionally, the program emphasizes positive life skills, such as: decision-making, goal-setting, and choosing a drug-free life.

This training program and curriculum is administered online for a fee by the Future Fisherman Foundation. In Florida, HOFNOD is supported by the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

FWC staff can provide a 1-day instructor training to your staff and/or volunteers in the Freshwater Fishing and Basic Boating Skills Camp program curriculum. The Freshwater Fishing and Basic Boating Skills Camp focuses on creating self-sufficient anglers by teaching basic boating skills and increasing environmental stewardship among participants. This week-long or weekend-based program teaches basic and advanced freshwater fishing techniques, boating safety, trolling motor operation, and boat fishing techniques. FYCCN Partners are provided with all gear necessary for boating. Rods and reels and very limited fishing tackle, for participants, are often available through grants. Each participant will receive a spin-cast rod and reel, and a tackle box stocked with assorted freshwater tackle - this equipment will be provided by the FYCCN Partner location. At the end of the program participants take their fishing equipment home to use for future fishing. Our goal is to have participants leave the program well-equipped to be successful lifelong anglers.


Contact your Regional FYCCN Coordinator for training details and information.