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Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

Barrred Owl

Generally, if you find a baby animal it is best to leave it alone. Rarely are animals actually orphaned; the parent may be searching for food or observing its young from a distance. Do not pick up baby animals or remove them from their natural environment. If you come across wildlife you think may be injured or orphaned, you should contact a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in your area.

If you cannot reach a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, you can also contact the appropriate FWC Regional Office for assistance.

Keeping any sick, injured, orphaned, or otherwise impaired wildlife beyond the time necessary to transport to Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator is a violation of Florida law. A Wildlife Rehabilitation permit issued by FWC is required to rehabilitate wildlife, including any care beyond immediate transport of wildlife to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator.

If the animal is a domestic or feral animal, such as a dog, cat or horse, please contact the nearest Humane Society, Animal Services Office or Animal Control Agency.

Wildlife Alert Hotline

Contact the FWC's Wildlife Alert Hotline at 1-888-404-3922 to speak directly to an FWC representative.

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