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Restoration Projects

Restoration Projects

Region Map

With lead management responsibility for 1.5 million acres in Florida, FWC staff have developed and implemented various types of restoration projects statewide. There are three aspects to restoration on FWC managed lands, hydrologic restoration, ground cover restoration, and exotic species control. The state map details which counties are in which FWC region and the three links provide project information by region.

Hydrologic Restoration

Hydrologic restoration begins with an assessment of the property to determine where basins/sub-basins are located and how water should naturally flow across the property. After the assessment, recommended structures and projects are implemented and then the hydrology of the site is monitored to ensure that the structures are working properly.

Ground Cover Restoration

Ground cover restoration focuses on areas of a property that have been altered from the native vegetation to non-native or off-site vegetation, which has damaged, degraded, or destroyed the native ground cover that once existed. As with hydrologic restoration, these projects begin with a site assessment and then a restoration plan is written and implemented. Recovery of the ground cover is monitored and adaptive management is applied as necessary.

Exotic Species Control

Exotic species control is a continuous effort for FWC staff, especially with the neighboring urban/suburban growth rates that surround FWC managed lands. Control efforts begin with a site assessment to determine where exotics occur and at what densities. Each WMA may have their own specific problems, but solutions to controlling exotics are typically similar.