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CWA boundary:

Detailed Map of Tyndall CWA Boundary

County: Bay

Total Area: 3700 acres

Closure Dates: Year-round

Focal Species: Least tern, black skimmer, snowy plover, Wilson’s plover, American oystercatcher, willet, piping plover.

This CWA includes the beach and dune systems of Crooked Island East, Crooked Island West, and Shell Island that are located within Tyndall Air Force Base. 

This CWA supports an important population of nesting snowy plovers, a state-threatened species. Although the total boundary area of this CWA is large, typically fewer than 200 acres are posted at any time to protect nesting and foraging seabirds and shorebirds.

An adult Snowy Plover stands over its speckled eggs. The eggs are laid in a small nest cup the plover has scraped out of the sand on the beach.