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Nassau Sound Islands CWA

CWA boundary:

Aerial image of the Nassau Sound Islands Critical Wildlife Area with boundary shown in yellow.

Counties: Duval and Nassau

Total Area: Varies as shoals develop.  Currently 7 upland acres

Closure Dates: Year round

Focal Species: Royal tern, black skimmer, gull-billed tern, least tern, piping plover, American oystercatcher and red knot.

This CWA includes all of the emergent islands and shoals in Nassau Sound, including Bird Island, which can be accessed from Little Talbot Island during low tides. Only areas posted as no public access are closed. Nesting areas are posted seasonally when birds begin nesting, and these areas are re-opened after nesting concludes. Other areas may be posted as closed in winter for roosting and foraging shorebirds as they migrate through the area. Signs are removed when birds are no longer using the site. Thousands of federally listed red knots have been observed foraging in the sand flats and roosting on the emergent shoals in the winter. 

Royal terns resting on the beach at Nassau Sound Islands CWA.