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New CWA Designations and Modifications

On November 16, 2016, FWC Commissioners approved the proposal to designate 13 new CWAs and improve five existing CWAs.

Prior to this approval, the FWC held 14 public workshops across the state to discuss the proposed designation or modification of each CWA. At these workshops, the FWC explained how CWAs are established, the reason why they are needed and answered questions. Through this process and from written comments the FWC gathered important information from the public which resulted in modifications to the proposal. FWC staff brought the final proposal for the new CWA designations and modifications before the Commission at the November meeting in St. Petersburg. 

Each CWA is finalized when the establishment order is signed by the Executive Director. Once established, signs can be posted as described in the establishment order. Many of the new sites include in-water postings, which require permitting through the FWC’s Boating and Waterways Section, the Army Corp of Engineers, and the US Coast Guard. Finalizing establishment orders, permitting, and installation of in-water postings is in progress for all sites.

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