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Wildlife 2060 - Future

So what does the future hold for Florida's fish and wildlife?


It's really up to all of us to decide.

We can't stop growth in Florida. But we can set ourselves to the task of making sure the pattern of growth that does come has minimal impact on our natural lands, waters, fish and wildlife.

The future may seem overwhelming, but if we work together on smart growth initiatives, green infrastructure planning and other innovative strategies, we can help protect the state we love. We encourage you to get involved, joining forces with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and all agencies and organizations that share a common love of our state and its fish and wildlife.

  • Does your city or county have a local land acquisition program?
  • Are roads in your community being designed and located to accommodate the needs of wildlife?
  • Are you incorporating wildlife habitat conservation measures on your property?
  • Does your community view the management of its green infra-structure in the same way it does upkeep and management of public roads, buildings or bridges?
  • How does your community support prescribed burning of nearby public and private lands?
  • How is your community conserving coastal forests, dunes, beaches and wetlands?
  • How is your community safeguarding your region's water resources?
  • Is your community protecting shoreline access and working waterfronts?
  • What are you doing to ensure that future generations will benefit from the same robust fish and wildlife resources that we enjoy today?