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Improve the quality, extent, and connectivity of Florida's ecosystems for the benefit of Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

FWC employee in fire protection gear walking through tall vegetation with prescribed fire burning in background

Objective 1: Complete five research, monitoring or coordination projects that improve management of focal areas.


Objective 2: Complete improvements on lands and in waters directly or indirectly affecting focal areas, including:

  • 100,000 acres of prescribed fire or fire‐related management activities.
  • 500 acres of freshwater and intertidal habitat improvements.
  • 3,000 linear feet of shoreline‐related and riparian improvement.
Swamp of tupelo trees in standing water

Focal Areas

Focal areas include those identified by agency regional landscape conservation efforts and/or State Wildlife Action Plan priority habitats including:

  • high pine and scrub
  • pine flatwoods and dry prairie
  • freshwater forested and non-forested wetlands
  • rivers and streams, and
  • intertidal (mangrove, oyster reefs, salt marshes, and tidal flats).