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Landowner Recognition Programs

Wildlife Habitat Recognition Program

While the State of Florida has been proactive in purchasing land for conservation, it has long been recognized that public land alone cannot adequately support sustainable wildlife populations and provide the amount of habitat they require. The efforts of private landowners to manage their own land to benefit wildlife and their habitat not only compliments the efforts of state agencies but is critical in ensuring that future generations will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy wildlife in their native habitat. Without private landowner efforts, countless plant and animal species will be at risk of significant population declines which could result in them becoming candidates for listing on state or federal threatened and endangered species lists.

To show appreciation for the hard work done by landowners to conserve our state’s wildlife, the FWC’s Landowner Assistance Program created the Wildlife Habitat Recognition Program. This program formally honors landowners who have satisfactorily completed a certain level of habitat management practices that benefit wildlife and/or their habitat by awarding them with a sign to display on their property and a certificate recognizing their habitat restoration efforts.

Want one of these signs for your property?

Are you a landowner with 20 acres or more who is managing your land to benefit wildlife? We'd love to recognize you! Fill out our Landowner Assistance Program Form and select the Wildlife Habitat Recognition Program on the drop-down menu to get started. 

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Florida Land Steward Partnership’s Landowner of the Year

Each year, the Florida Land Steward Partnership selects a private landowner who has achieved their forest, wildlife, and agricultural goals while demonstrating environmental and economic sustainability through good land stewardship. The recipient of the FLS Landowner of the Year Award is featured in the Florida Land Steward Partnership’s calendar, presented a plaque at an annual meeting with the partnering agencies, and recognized at a luncheon and field tour so they may serve as a model for other landowners to become better land stewards. For more information about this award, contact an LAP biologist.