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Coastal Education and Outreach

Earth Day outreach booth

Educating the public who enjoy our coastal areas, as well as local governments and land managers, about the importance of coastal areas for wildlife habitat in addition to public use is an important goal for FWC.

The FWC has partnered with numerous local organizations at public outreach events, including the International Coastal Cleanup, Marine Quest, Earth Day, and many others. The FWC also provides presentations to groups about many coastal issues.

Educational materials


Be a Beach Hero brochure

The materials and sites below offer information on how you can enjoy your day at the beach and reduce your coastal “footprint,” so that you don’t inadvertently harm the animals and plants that live there.

Be a Beach Hero (brochure)

Enjoy Wildlife Viewing From a Distance (flyer)

Beach Wrack and Vegetation

Keep Beach Wrack on the Beach! poster

Beach Wrack ID Guide (pocket-sized flipbook)

The Wrack Community (poster)

Beach Wrack (flyer)

Grow a Better Beach (brochure)