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Impacts on Invasive Species

Invasive organisms are also likely to be impacted by climate change in the following ways:

  • Invasive, nonnative species already in Florida may increase their range within the state.
  • Just like endemic species, some invasive species will decrease their range.
  • Invasive species time bombs - some nonnative species already here may become highly invasive as the climate changes.
  • Introduction and establishment of new diseases and pathogens.
  • Nonnative Caribbean and tropical wildlife species become invasive in Florida - especially in coastal areas and south Florida.
  • Disturbance due to climate change will make previous uninvaded habitats more prone to biological invasions.
  • Invasive species, because of climate change, may alter historical fire regimes throughout Florida, exposing native ecosystems not adapted to fire to more frequent and intense fire events.
  • Native species in south Florida will become invasive species in north Florida.