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Florida Coral Crew

Attention all sportsmen and women:

You can make a difference in combating Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease!

Join the Florida Coral Crew today!
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  1. Join the Florida Coral Crew to learn more and find out how you can get involved.
  2. Avoid touching corals while diving.
  3. Don’t anchor near corals.
  4. Clean diving gear.
  5. Use environmentally friendly sunscreens.

We know you – sportsmen and women – care about our precious coral reefs and have the skills and energy to make a difference. We need your support as we work with partners on restoration efforts to combat the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease rapidly affecting our Florida Reef Tract. As part of the Florida Coral Crew, you’ll help raise awareness about this disease and recruit others interested in helping. The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida supports the efforts of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to save coral and restore Florida’s reefs. 

A coral reef

Coral Crew members will receive updates about the disease event and information on volunteer opportunities to help restore the reef. They will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win prizes donated by some of our wonderful partners. 2019 Coral Crew Sign-Up Raffle: Official Rules.

Coral conservation Partners - see link to partners above.