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Required Removal Project Permitting

Derelict Vessel Permitting Resource Page

Most all derelict vessel removal projects in the state of Florida require environmental permitting from one, or both of the following agencies. Please click on the link under the respective agency to see their office locator map and contact phone numbers.

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Florida Department of Environmental Protection

United States Army Corps of Engineers

Failure to apply and be granted required permitting, before a project begins, could result in state and or federal fines and penalties being assessed. Please call ahead to make sure before you begin any derelict vessel removal project.


In October of 2013, an exemption to the derelict vessel removal permitting was written into state rule. It is no longer required to request and obtain a permit to remove a derelict vessel from state waters as long as best management practices are followed and no harm to the environment is done. If damage may occur, the project should be reviewed and permitted. Failure to comply with the no harm clause could result in fines and or prosecution. Administrative Rule 62-330.051(5)(g)