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Programs of the FWC

Cover of the 2018-2019 Programs of the FWC publication

"Programs of the FWC 2020-21" is available as a PDF file.

From the Executive Director...

Thank you for taking time to review "Programs of the FWC 2020-2021," a publication that provides an overview of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), our organizational structure and our responsibilities.

Our mission is to conserve fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people. We are always mindful that Florida’s fish and wildlife belong to the people of Florida, and the FWC is entrusted by the people of Florida to take care of these precious resources. This responsibility is called the "Public Trust Doctrine," and we work hard every day to honor and uphold this public trust.

We deliver on our public trust responsibilities through the leadership of our Commissioners – private citizens appointed by the Governor – who generously donate time and energy to the FWC’s mission. Our professional staff work as a highly qualified and well integrated team to design and implement conservation programs across the three broad fields of fish and wildlife management, research and law enforcement.

Balancing the needs of Florida’s fish and wildlife resources with a diverse, growing population of people can be complicated and challenging. In addition to more than 20 million residents, millions of visitors enjoy the Sunshine State’s rivers, beaches, springs, creeks, woods and wetlands for fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, boating, hiking, horseback riding, biking and more each year.

You – the state’s residents and visitors – have entrusted us with a monumental responsibility. But we don’t manage it alone. We work side by side with you, as well as with our fellow government agencies, industry partners and elected officials. And you help in many ways. You are active at our Commission meetings and public workshops. You organize conservation-minded recreational events. And you spend your hard-earned dollars to experience and enjoy fish and wildlife resources.

In fact, your purchases of outdoor gear, licenses and other supplies provides tremendous economic value that supports businesses big and small, creates jobs and helps sustain Florida families and communities. A portion of the funds you spend to enjoy the outdoors is directed back to the FWC via the federal Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program to directly support many of the programs outlined in this report. You are truly the backbone of conservation and we appreciate you!

Please keep this up! I also encourage you to continue recruiting others to enjoy Florida’s amazing fish and wildlife resources. Serve as a mentor for a friend or family member and help them learn about hunting, hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, boating or target shooting. Mentoring like this will create life memories and reward you in so many other ways while contributing to the FWC’s conservation mission.

With regards,

Eric Sutton
Executive Director