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Programs of the FWC

Cover of the 2022-23 Programs of the FWC publication

"Programs of the FWC 2022-23" is available as a PDF file.

From the Executive Director...

Thank you for your interest in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). 

The FWC’s mission is to manage fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people. This document explains how we organize our agency and deliver on our mission. 

Florida remains one of the country’s top destinations for world-class fishing, unique hunting opportunities and recreation. Our goal is to ensure that residents and visitors benefit from and enjoy our wildlife and natural resources for generations to come. Accomplishing our mission requires teamwork among policymakers, conservation professionals, and highly trained law enforcement. Our policy is guided by Commissioners, appointed by the Governor, who serve as volunteers to be the trustees of fish and wildlife resources. We work closely with a diverse group of public and private partners and consider the public part of our team. 

Maintaining our fish and wildlife resources can help sustain a healthy way of life and a robust economy. We help conserve and manage the natural areas that not only offer residents and visitors outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities but also provide tens of thousands of jobs. So many of the activities we support - fishing, hunting, boating, wildlife viewing - are critical economic pillars for our state and for our ability to accomplish our mission. 

Sportsmen and women and other outdoor enthusiasts are the cornerstone of our mission and history. The fundamental principle of our country’s wildlife management structure is that oversight of these resources is largely entrusted to states, with all citizens owning an equal share. This conservation approach is referred to as the North American Model. Our efforts at the FWC rely upon the communications, funding and other support of Florida’s residents and visitors. 

Please continue to participate in our commission meetings, write and call our staff, sit on advisory groups, buy fishing and hunting licenses, and subscribe to our communications products. Take advantage of participation opportunities from coral conservation, invasive species removal and habitat restoration, to hunter safety education, youth outreach, and more. The more we work together, the more we can accomplish. 

I hope you find this document useful and inspiring.