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Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact

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The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact is an agreement between all 50 member states to support efforts to protect fish and wildlife from lawbreakers who threaten the future of these resources and legal, regulated fishing, hunting and trapping. The Compact achieves this goal through:

  • Sharing information between all states about individuals who commit fish and wildlife crimes.
  • Recognizing any person whose fishing, hunting and trapping license privileges or rights are suspended in any of the 50 Compact states may also be suspended in other Compact states, if the conviction is a basis for suspension in that state.

Participating States Contact Information

If you plan to hunt, fish, or trap in another state and your fishing, hunting or trapping license has been suspended in Florida, you are responsible for contacting the other state to verify if you can legally hunt, fish, or trap there or to determine if appeal procedures are available. Find contact information for all fish and wildlife agencies in the U.S