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Disaster Preparedness for FWC Employees

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Disaster Preparedness for FWC Employees

Workplace Preparation Before Storm Event

Employees should take appropriate precautions to protect their computer equipment before leaving work at the end of the day or if the decision has been made to close the facility. All equipment should be unplugged. If flooding is possible, equipment should be placed on a countertop or relocated to a higher location. Employees should move computer equipment away from windows and to interior areas of the building. The normal location of any equipment that has been moved should be documented and the documentation taped to the equipment. Any equipment in vulnerable locations that cannot be moved should be unplugged and any circuits disconnected. If feasible, equipment should be covered with plastic or a garbage bag to protect it from falling water or debris. If equipment in the office wiring closets is powered off, this should be documented so it can be returned to an operational state when power is restored. The documentation should be taped to the equipment. If there is a disaster threat during a weekend or holiday, employees should take all the above precautions prior to leaving work, if possible.

FWC Offices and Managed Area Closure and Reopening

FWC’s Regional Leadership Teams will evaluate the need to close/open FWC Offices and Managed Areas. For information on the status of FWC Offices or Managed Areas, please visit

Open/Closed Status of FWC Offices, Facilities, and Managed Areas |