Half Moon Wildlife Management Area


Half Moon WMA is a 9,554-acre composite of wetlands, hammocks, flatwoods, and improved pasture. The Withlacoochee River borders the area to the west and Ventura Ranch borders Half Moon on the east. Mill Creek and Gum Slough, scenic spring-fed tributaries of the Withlacoochee, traverse the area. Half Moon's scrubby flatwoods are home to a small population of threatened Florida scrub-jays.

Portions of Half Moon are recharge areas for the Floridan aquifer, the source of most of Florida's drinking water. Here limestone of the Upper Floridan aquifer is visible at the land surface. Excellent opportunities exist for a variety of recreational activities, including horseback riding, wildlife viewing, biking, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Half Moon's array of wetlands contributes significantly to floral, faunal, and habitat diversity.

FWC Facts:
The world's whooping crane population has gradually increased from a low of 22 birds in 1941 to 503 birds in 2009.

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