Boating in Florida

Divers-down warning devices 

Divers downA divers-down warning device must be displayed prominently whenever someone is wholly or partially submerged and is using a face mask and snorkel or underwater breathing apparatus. A device may be a divers-down flag, buoy, or other similar warning device. These are designed to be used by divers and dive vessels to notify nearby boaters that divers are in the water in the immediate area. Find out more by visiting our boating regulations.

The FWC's Division of Law Enforcement works to provide safe and enjoyable boating for the people of Florida and its visitors through the effective and coordinated management of our waterways. We will strive to work with all stakeholders when developing rules and making statutory recommendations. We will accomplish this by incorporating sound scientific data, reasonable public input and common sense. We will work to formulate the best solutions possible without jeopardizing our natural resources or our freedoms to navigate.

FWC Facts:
Any vessel operating in a "slow down, minimum-wake" zone must operate fully off plane and completely settled in the water.

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