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Spiny lobster


Red Tide Current Status
This summary report of current red tide conditions around Florida includes a map of sampling results and regional status reports.

What do Florida Largemouth Bass Need to Reach Trophy Size?

Biologists discuss what factors contribute to the growth of trophy-sized Florida largemouth bass.

Stocked Bass Learn Survival Skills

Researchers experiment with new hatchery procedures to better prepare young largemouth bass for the perils of the wild.

Black Crappie Length Limits FAQ

Biologists explain the science behind black crappie length limits and answer common questions from anglers.

Research Helps Determine Harvest Limit for Black Crappie in Lake Griffin

Study results guide decision to implement 10-inch limit on harvest of black crappie in Lake Griffin.

On a Quest for a Freshwater Giant: Alligator Gar

A tagging study reveals a few secrets of Atractosteus spatula, but the bigger mystery is yet to be solved: how many of its kind populate Florida rivers?

FWC Facts:
Two crappie species exist in Florida. Black crappie occur throughout the state, but white crappie occur in just two Panhandle rivers.

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