Support FWC - Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift for that special person who loves the outdoors?
The FWC has several gift suggestions to make your shopping easier. All items listed benefit programs within the FWC or help further its mission.

Manatee Tag Bass Tag Panther Tag
Turtle Tag Oceans Tag Bear Tag
5 year license card

A gift certificate for an FWC specialty license plate.


5-year or Lifetime Fishing or Hunting License -or-
Other Fishing or Hunting Licenses online.

Manatee decal 2013-14 Sea turtle decal - 2013-14

Manatee decals - $5 donation
Order form Adobe PDF

Sea Turtle decals - $5 donation
Order form Adobe PDF

Wildlife Foundation of Florida GFBT baseball cap

Honor someone by making him or her a Friend of the Wildlife Foundation of Florida.

Great Florida Birding & Wildlife Trail
T-shirt, baseball cap or other gear.

Black Bear Tshirt Wear a comfortable life jacket.

The Wildlife Foundation of Florida's
Online Gift Store features books, clothing, posters and more.


Comfortable life jacket - suspender or belt.


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FWC Facts:
The mean breeding period (rut) of white-tailed deer in Florida can vary as much as seven months from one part of the state to another.

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