Commercial Saltwater Fishing

Before commercially harvesting or selling any marine fish or other saltwater products in Florida, you must be eligible for and comply with the license requirements described farther down on this page.Commercial Regulations Publication

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A saltwater product is defined as any marine fish, shellfish, clam, invertebrate, sponge, jellyfish, coral, crustacean, lobster, crab, shrimp, snail, marine plant, echinoderm, sea star, brittle star or urchin, etc., except non-living shells and salted, cured, canned or smoked seafood.

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Latest News

  • Oysters: From June 1-Aug. 31, 2014

    • the commercial harvest of oysters in Apalachicola Bay is closed on Fridays and Saturdays;
    • the area known as East Hole is closed;
    • the daily commercial harvest and possession limit is lowered from 20 to eight bags (each bag is equivalent to 60 pounds or two 5-gallon buckets) of oysters in the shell per person;
    • the daily recreational harvest, vessel and possession limit has been lowered to five gallons of oysters in the shell (previously two bags per day with one bag being equivalent to 60 pounds or two 5-gallon buckets).
  • EO-14-13: Directed Commercial Harvest of Atlantic Coast Menhaden ProhibitedAdobe PDF

  • Important Commercial Spiny Lobster Dive Endorsement (CD) Reminder Adobe PDF 

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