Boating Courses

If you are just visiting Florida, please check the list of vendors that issue temporary certificates, or you may take one of the online Boating Safety Education courses listed below. Once you have completed a classroom or online boating safety course, and would like your State of Florida Boating Education ID card, please mail a copy of your certificate to:

Boating Safety
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600

Please make sure to include your name, address, date of birth, and telephone number.

NOTE: Every person convicted of a criminal violation, non-criminal infraction resulting in a boating accident or 2 non-criminal infractions within a 12-month period are required to successfully complete mandatory education requirements as required by law.

Until these requirements are met, they must refrain from operating a vessel. Any person who operates a vessel in violation of these provisions is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree. Please contact any of the classroom course providers below to locate a course near you.

Classroom Courses

Company Area Contact Information
Chapman School of Seamanship Martin, St. Lucie and Palm Beach 772-283-8130
Fla. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Statewide Please contact an FWC regional office for class date.
USCG AUX (United States Coast Guard Auxiliary) Statewide

800-336-2628 or

USPS (United States Power Squadron) Statewide 888-367-8777 or


Company Contact Information Price
Boat-Ed Online


Boat US


Nautical Know How


PWC Safety School


American Safety Council


American Boat Operator


Boater Exam


Safe Boating Card


Boat Tests 101  $29.99

Florida Virtual School Outdoor Education Course

Florida Virtual School Outdoor Education Course External Website: (Free for Florida residents ages 12 to 18.) The only course in the nation to combine both hunting and boating safety. Participants will develop skills in outdoor activities and learn about the benefits of physical activity while using proper safety procedures to experience wildlife, outdoor and extreme sports. By meeting all of the requirements of the Outdoor Education course, not only will students receive their Florida Boating Safety Education ID Card and be eligible to obtain a Florida Hunter Safety Certificate, they’ll also earn a 0.5 credit for high school, and meet public school requirements for taking an on-line and a physical education course.

FWC Facts:
Airboats must be equipped with a mast or flagpole displaying a flag that is at least 10 feet above the lowest part of the boat.

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