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Landowner Assistance Program

As a private landowner -- farmer, rancher, forester, businessperson, hunter or conservationist - you know more about your Florida land than anyone else. You know the wild animals and plants keeping your land healthy and brimming with life. Your land may have been passed down through generations of your family. Or perhaps you are beginning the tradition of letting your children and grandchildren inherit your land and all its natural beauty and value.

assistanceThe Landowner Assistance Program (LAP), housed within the Office of Conservation Planning Services at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), has a history of cooperative working partnerships with private landowners and managers. We can help you with measures to conserve wildlife and habitat, while keeping your land productive for many agricultural and recreational uses if that is what you intend to do.

The Southeastern Forest Private Lands Partnership Forum, held in Pensacola in March 2016 and co-sponsored by Partners for Conservation, is a good example of landowners leading the way on how to move forward on conserving wildlife and habitat on private working lands. Here are the forum’s recommendations.

Your landowner stewardship is beneficial not only to you but to your neighbors, community and state. What you decide to do as a land steward can have a tremendous beneficial effect on the chances that our wild Florida, so intertwined in our lives and economy, will survive into the future.





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