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Fish of the Week - King Mackerel       king mackerel

Scomberomorus cavalla


  • Color of back iridescent bluish green, sides silvery.
  • Streamlined body with tapered head.
  • No black pigment on front of the first dorsal fin.
  • Young fish often have yellowish spots like those of Spanish mackerel.

Similar Fish: Cero, S. regalis; Spanish mackerel, S. maculatus.

Size: To 100 pounds. Common to 20 pounds.

Habitat: Nearshore and offshore; occasionally taken from piers running into deep water.

Notes: Schooling fish that migrates from south Florida waters in winter to more northerly waters in spring; Gulf population thought to be separate   from Atlantic population. Spawns in mid summer offshore; feeds on small fish and squid.  

Art © Diane Rome Peebles

From mangroves to salt marshes, Florida is the "Fishing Capital of the World." We hope you'll find the information below handy for planning your next Florida fishing trip, be it commercial or recreational.

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