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Fish of the Week - Hogfish Hogfish              

Lachnolaimus maximus


  • Body deep, strongly compressed.
  • Color varies, but never bicolored, usually reddish, sometimes bright brick red.
  • Soft dorsal fin with a large dark spot at base.
  • Entire top of head nape purplish brown in large   males, this patch of color continuous with blackish area that extends along entire base of dorsal fin.
  • Large blackish crescent through base of caudal fin.
  • Pelvic fin with dusky tip.
  • Mouth very protrusible.
  • 14 spines in dorsal fin – first 3 elongate, bladelike rays at front of dorsal and anal fins and lower lobes of caudal fin elongate. 

Size: To 36 inches.

Young: Greenish or brownish, mottled with dark.

Notes: Esteemed as a food fish in some areas, but has been implicated in ciguatera; usually marketed as Hog Snapper.

Art © Diane Rome Peebles

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