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You can help protect Florida's endangered and threatened marine turtles by making a donation to the FWC Marine Turtle Program, which will help fund critical research and conservation efforts. With each donation of $5 or more, you will receive your choice of one of the waterproof decals featured. Current year marine turtle decals are available at Florida County Tax Offices.

FWC has a limited supply of some of the earlier decals. If you are interested in collecting them, please indicate the desired decals by checking the appropriate area on the order form and sending a check for the number of decals selected. The decals will be sent to you within 4-6 weeks.

2020-2021 Decal: "Stash the Trash to Protect Sea Turtles"

2020-2021 "Protect Florida Sea Turtles" Decal

This year’s sea turtle decal features a loggerhead hatchling and focuses on the human impact challenges that sea turtles endure for survival. From hatchling emergence through years of growth to breeding adults, sea turtles often mistake bits of plastic as food or may get entangled in discarded fishing line, balloon streamers or nets. You can help sea turtles survive by stashing your trash. Either individually or as part of a group event, pick up trash or debris near shorelines or coastal waterways to give sea turtles and other marine animals a better chance of survival in these areas. Thank you for supporting Florida’s sea turtle research and conservation efforts.

Decal Photo © Dr. Blair Witherington