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Species Profile: Short-tailed snake

Short-tailed Kingsnake, Short-tailed Snake (Florida Museum)


Florida Rare Snake Registry
Observations of short-tailed kingsnakes can be reported on this webpage.

FWC Imperiled Species Page
Find information about the state of Florida’s rules and regulations on state imperiled species.

Florida's Imperiled Species Management Plan
This plan combines Species Action Plans addressing individual species needs with Integrated Conservation Strategies benefiting multiple species and shared habitats for all state imperiled species.

Short-Tailed Kingsnake Biological Status Review
This biological status review was conducted by the FWC in 2010. Read about the status and threats to short-tailed kingsnakes in Florida.

Short-Tailed Kingsnake Species Action Plan
Read about actions FWC is taking to protect the short-tailed kingsnake in Florida.