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Population Trends
Population monitoring using spotlights at night from boats began in 1974. Using standardized routes and procedures, researchers follow trends in alligator populations over time.

Statewide Population Estimate
This study will use alligator habitats identified by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and known densities of alligators from night-light surveys on alligator management units (AMUs) to obtain a statewide alligator population estimate.

Mercury and Contaminants Monitoring
Because alligators are apex predators and a long-lived species with a relatively small home range, this information can also tell us about the health of the wetland ecosystem in which they reside.

Trends and Characteristics of Alligator Bites in Florida, USA
This study was launched to investigate, compile, and assess human-alligator conflicts in the state based on documented incidents from 1971-2013.