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Report Fish Kills with FWC’s Reporter App

Image of a smart phone with a screenshot of the FWC Reporter app.

FWC scientists want to know about fish kills and fish with abnormalities, such as lesions or parasites. We have long depended on citizen scientists to help track fish kills and monitor aquatic animal diseases in state waters and the FWC Reporter app makes it easier than ever for concerned residents and visitors to participate. By submitting a report, you can help managers better understand where and when fish kills and disease events occur and how they impact Florida’s natural resources. You also make it possible for agency biologists to provide educational information and determine if further investigation is needed to address environmental concerns. The FWC Reporter app is particularly useful when reporting a fish kill on-site; the app automatically provides accurate coordinates and prompts you to provide important information like water discoloration, species affected and other environmental conditions, as well as allow you to submit photos. Become a partner in conservation by downloading the FWC Reporter app from the from the Apple App Store.