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Active Projects

Learn more about current, ongoing research on seagrass habitat in Florida.


Evaluating Suwannee River Discharge Effects on Water Quality in Big Bend Region
Scientists are developing methods to relate satellite imagery to water quality in Florida’s Big Bend region to protect seagrass habitats.

Accelerating Recovery of Seagrass Habitats
Researchers are working to develop a cost-effective, reliable procedure to accelerate recovery of seagrass habitats.

Florida Bay Fisheries Habitat Assessment Program (FHAP)
The Florida Bay Fisheries Assessment Program is a project designed to assess the distribution and status of Florida Bay fisheries habitats in which seagrasses and microalgae are present.

Turtle Grass Health Study Yields New Approach to Ecosystem Assessment
An assessment of turtle grass populations helped develop the methods and framework for a statewide seagrass management program that is still ongoing.

Seagrass Restoration
Seagrass restoration will be both economically and environmentally beneficial to Tampa Bay. In addition to improving water quality, healthy seagrass beds benefit important fishery species such as snook, seatrout, and shrimp.

Seagrass Protection and Restoration in St. Joseph Bay
St. Joseph Bay is a popular summer vacation destination, and scallops, turtles, and fish that draw residents and tourists to the bay depend on the health of its seagrass beds. This project is a joint effort by FWC and DEP staff to jump start recovery of seagrass beds in St Joseph Bay that have been overgrazed by sea urchins.