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The goals of this project are to identify, inventory and catalog existing data sets and information related to coastal and marine habitats of the Gulf of Mexico, both in U.S. and Mexican waters. This is in support of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance Governors' Action Plan.

Phases of the Geospatial Assessment of Marine Ecosystems
The GAME catalog is a Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) compliant relational metadata lite database that captures a wide array of biological, chemical, geomorphological, physical and human use information. Data holders have the ability to submit marine related information pertaining to the coastal ocean of Florida and the adjacent waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and South Atlantic Bight.

infographic of phases

Based on the information in the catalog, data set footprints have been created and used in the data gap analysis. Data used in this ongoing analysis include only those data sets for which footprints have been created. The GAME catalog is a metadata catalog that points to where the data resides.

Phase 1: Phase 1 blazed the trail for the mission of the GAME project: To develop spatial frameworks based on Ecoregions, to inform resource management plans for economic growth, resource protection and management practices, to predict the effects of management practices, to identify areas that should receive added resource protection and areas that are most suitable for public use, to identify data gaps, to facilitate the protection of endangered and critical species habitat, and to inform research on the environmental effects of climate change.

Phase 2: The mission of Phase 2 of the GAME project was not only to continue the data identification, and stakeholder involvement initiatives of phase 1, but also to create spatial footprints in a GIS environment to identify data gaps according to critical needs.  Phase 2 aimed to establish a standard metadata light format suitable for all data types and able to be viewed via a web server. Including active links to live data held by different institutions, this phase focused on essential habitat datasets.

Phase 3: FWC - FWRI has committed to maintaining the GAME catalog and continually seeks opportunities to collect metadata light for all Gulf related research.


Project Coordinator:
Dave Reed
(727) 896-8626