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Geospatial Assessment of Marine Ecosystems (GAME)

map showing GAME regions

Welcome to the Geospatial Assessment of Marine Ecosystems Project, or GAME!


What is GAME?
The GAME project is the ongoing identification and collection of interrelated marine and coastal metadata. These spatial datasets characterize marine ecoregions and help to develop precise resource management guidelines for the sustained health and economic usability of our coastal resources.

The Evolution of GAME
GAME was developed out of a need for an ecosystem-specific approach to assessing the health and sustainability of our ocean resources in how we use them.

map of GAME catalog sectors

As awareness of this need grew at the regional level, it became clear that resource management frameworks tailored to varying ecosystems would be key to the precise monitoring of our coastal and marine resources. GAME helps facilitate the discovery of data related to these resources. With this information, we can better monitor economic growth, resource use, and the implementation of resource protections where needed to balance and maintain ecosystem health and sustainability.

Phases of the GAME Project
GAME Search
GAME Survey

Project Coordinator:
Dave Reed
(727) 896-8626