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Geographic Response Strategy (GRS) Maps

Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) identify priority protection sites, booming strategies, collection points, staging areas, and other tactical response information in our coastal waters. To facilitate the planning process, workshops are held each time the GRS is updated, bringing all stakeholders together to form a consensus on the priority of environmentally sensitive areas and their protection strategies. The protection strategies are designed to be flexible based on spill specific conditions and provide guidance for deploying the necessary assets to protect any given area. Weather, tides, currents and storms, as well as the availability of resources, all play a role in the final strategy agreed upon by Unified Command and deployed.

Explore GRS maps online with the Interactive Map Viewer.

Download GIS data for GRS Maps from the GIS Data Downloads site.

View PDF versions of GRS Maps by US Coast Guard Sector: 

Sector Jacksonville

Sector Key West

Sector Miami

Sector Mobile

Sector St. Petersburg

MSU Savannah