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Internship Opportunities

The intern program at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute provides an opportunity for college students and postgraduates to obtain hands-on experience in fish and wildlife sciences and related fields. Intern positions are unpaid, and the student is expected to contribute at least eight to 10 hours per week for at least 10 weeks (or a minimum of 80 hours). Prior to the termination of the internship, the student will be expected to present a 15- to 20-minute seminar to FWRI staff describing some aspect of the student's intern experience.

Current Internship Opportunities

Coastal Wetlands Research
City: St. Petersburg

Fisheries Independent Monitoring 
City: Apalachicola

City: St. Petersburg

Manatee GIS
City: St. Petersburg

City: Jacksonville

City: Melbourne Beach

City: Port Charlotte

City: Tequesta

Manatee Photo-ID
City: St. Petersburg

Sea Turtle Migration Research - Laboratory
City: St. Petersburg

Specimen Information Services 
City: St. Petersburg

Stock Enhancement Research
City: Port Manatee

Calendar of Internship Opportunities

Program Supervisor Jan-Apr 2019 May-Aug 2019 Sep-Dec 2019

Coastal Wetlands Research (St. Petersburg)

Moyer Filled 1 1

Fisheries Independent Monitoring (Apalachicola)

Gorecki 1 1 1

Genetics (St. Petersburg)

Tringali 0 0 0

Manatee GIS (St. Petersburg)

Krzystan Filled 1 1

Manatee Photo-ID (St. Petersburg)

Rood Filled 1 1

Manatees (Jacksonville)

Perna Filled 1 0

Manatees (Melbourne Beach)

Bukowski Filled 1 0

Manatees (Port Charlotte)

Schubert 2 1 2

Manatees (Tequesta)

Howell 1 1 1

Sea Turtle Migration Research - Laboratory (St. Petersburg)

Ceriani Closed 2 2

Specimen Information Services (St. Petersburg)

Wiggins 5 5 5

Stock Enhancement Research (SERF- Port Manatee)

Russo 0 0 0